DAF Webshop - All the parts you need – available 24/7

DAF Webshop - All the parts you need – available 24/7

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2nd February 2021 | DAF UK
  • Easy search with part scan facility
  • Order 24/7
  • Identify the right part first time – every time
  • Check stock availability anytime

As part of the UK DAF Dealer Network, we supply DAF Genuine Parts for your DAF Fleet, and also supply TRP All Makes Truck & Trailer Parts, Workshop Consumables and Lubricants.

And now we can offer even more flexibility in ordering the parts you need, and much more through Webshop. With sophisticated parts identification software, and the ability to tell you 24 hours a day whether parts are in stock, you can order anytime of night or day and be confident that you’ll receive the parts you need – when you need them.

In the current situation, DAF Webshop also provides the safest way to source, identify and order the parts you need, which can then be delivered your door, through multiple daily deliveries.

The DAF Webshop is an easy-to-use tool where you can search via chassis number, axle number, description or part number.

As the number 1 platform to order all your parts online, DAF Webshop not only has the full DAF OEM assortment available, it also has our complete TRP assortment and thousands of vendor branded parts from other suppliers for your All Makes Trucks & Trailers repairs and maintenance. In fact, the integrated TRP catalogue offers more than 90,000 parts, workshop consumables and lubricants!

Scan the part you need to order with your smart phone or tablet

With the scan functionality, finding and ordering parts in DAF Webshop is very straightforward. Simply click on the camera icon in the search area and take a photo of the part number or packaging.

The photo is automatically uploaded to Webshop and the part number analysed and identified using optical character recognition technology. Once identified, the parts availability, price and stock level at your dealer is displayed, together with alternatives we can offer. Simply add the part to your order basket with just one click to order the part right away.

Frequent orders

Within the Webshop you can mark orders as ‘favourite’ and apply a reference so if you want to quickly re-order a set of parts you can quickly choose from your favourite order list and copy to your basket in one click!

Likewise, any agreed pricing on popular parts purchases can also be referenced within Webshop along with stock availability, so you always know when you can expect delivery and the price you’ll be paying.

All this adds up to a significant time saving

Because of the way you can search for parts in DAF Webshop, you will save time finding the exact parts you need. Searches can be by via license plates, RMI drawing or typing in descriptions. The right part including alternatives will show up immediately and can be added to your basket with just one click. Webshop saves time wating on the phone, sending emails, and worrying that the right part will arrive!

Ask one of our parts team for a demonstration on DAF Webshop – you’ll never look back!